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          Where Work and Learning
          are Transformed by Faith

          LeTourneau University is a place for those who learn by doing. We are makers, doers, creators. We are small enough to give every student hands-on professional experience and comprehensive enough to assemble outstanding faculty in dozens of academic programs. The world is our mission field, where our graduates carry the Good News of Jesus Christ.



          From the smallest microorganism to rocket ships circling the planet, the LETU community of builders makes an impact on the world every day. They build safer buildings, stronger families, they heal the sick, make scientific breakthroughs and nurture future generations—and in all things, they glorify Jesus Christ.

          No Other Place Like LeTourneau

          Hands-On Learning

          Led by outstanding faculty with years of industry experience, LETU students don't just learn theory—they put their hands to use with practical applications. Graduates are prepared with real-world experience that equips them to succeed in their chosen fields.

          Distinctively Christian

          At LETU, you'll encounter meaningfully hands-on-faith focus and commitment to community. As you expect, life here involves enrichment through chapel services and small groups guided by a faculty or staff member.

          Global Impact

          Commencement is a joyous celebration of success, as we send our graduates into high-demand jobs, many of which are secured before they even cross the commencement stage. These workplaces are all mission fields where our graduates carry the Good News of Jesus Christ.


          Every Workplace. Every Nation.

          Claiming every workplace in every nation as their mission field, LeTourneau University graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character who see life's work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

          Graduate Placement Rates Listed Below

          Aviation &
          Aeronautical Science

          Arts & Sciences



          Engineering &
          Engineering Technology

          Psychology & Counseling


          Theology & Vocation

          Community of Builders

          Hannah Penney

          Business Management, 2020

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          --Hannah Penney, Business Management, 2020

          Heather Bane

          Psychology, 4+1 Track

          "Upon determining a "second career," I chose LeTourneau University on the basis of the strength of both the program and the faculty. Psychology is a compelling field, and the opportunity to study it from the perspective of Christian illumination was vitally important from my perspective. I have been given innumerable opportunities in the areas of classroom learning, independent research and interaction with compassionate, experienced and fervently-invested professors. I am exceedingly grateful for all I have received during my time here."

          --Heather Bane, Psychology, 4+1 Track

          David Landon

          Welding Engineering, 1981

          "The biggest thing about the experience I had here was the relationships and friendships that I made that have continued throughout my entire life and career—with fellow students and also professors."

          --David Landon, Welding Engineering, 1981

          Ryan Rosen

          Civil Engineering, 2020

          "I honestly believe my experience here will equip me well for a job in the engineering industry not because I learned how to do engineering, but because LeTourneau’s education taught me how to learn to solve new problems with new information. In a world with rapidly changing technology and challenges, adaptability, confidence, and willingness to work hard are all vital. LeTourneau University taught me how to do all of those well."

          --Ryan Rosen, Civil Engineering, 2020

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